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Archangel Piccolo

(For your home, protecting up to 10 devices, Wi-Fi and cable connection)

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ARCHANGEL Piccolo is a Smart Box that creates an internal network at home or in a little business and through which all data transmitted via the internet, either via WIFI or cable, must pass.

Piccolo configuration 2
Piccolo configuration 1

Its function is to protect all computers or other connected devices belonging to this network against cyber attack from outside and to protect each computer or connected device belonging to this network against the spread of a virus or a worm from an infected device to another one on the network.


ARCHANGEL PICCOLO creates your own VPN so that no external system, no third party can filter your data in your place and take note of it.

All data that are going through this VPN, regardless of their nature, are protected by SST© (Secure System of Transmission).

ARCHANGEL PICCOLO is no more using the encryption to protect data.

ARCHANGEL PICCOLO is equipped with:

3 INTELLIGENT AGENTS that are connected to 2 BRAINS (Deep Learning Machines), 3 FIREWALLS, to stop the maximum of attacks and to impeach the attacks that coult penetrate the BOX to send back any information to the hacker, a ROUTER and 2 SWITCH, each part of it being made by PT SYDECO.

archangel bagan

Unique Operating System: ArchanOS Michael 18.2

The Operating System used by ARCHANGEL© has been created by PT SYDECO. It is an original Operating System.

It can be described as being Multi-tasking, Multi-user, Embedded and Real-time Operating System.

It belongs to the category of MONOLITHIC KERNELS.

Technical Specifications: