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Total protection without encryption and without key

SST© (Secure System of Transmission) a new product of PT SYDECO, a Company based in Indonesia and specialized in IT Security, is the system that safely stores and sends unencrypted data on and from a mobile phone or other mobile or non-mobile device, such as a computer, using the Internet to do so.

These data which can be text, messages, draws, pictures …, have the same degree of security that a quantum computer confers to fiber optic cable transport in the sense that if interception occurs, the message becomes unreadable: with SST©, the message that is sent automatically evaporates if it is intercepted or if it reaches the wrong destination. The same applies if an unauthorized person tries to appropriate or read the message. But better than the Quantum Computer, SST© is also protecting the data when they are stored in or sent from a mobile support using internet.

The system is equipped with intelligent agents that protect data either automatically or on demand, which keeps them safe from any intrusion and / or sends them.

The protection of data is conferred by their translation into a language known by the sole intelligent agent assigned to the user and written in the form of progressive waves of lengths and colors varying according to the content they carry or contain. They are translated and written in this way the time of their saving so that no one besides the user can know the contents.

The intelligent agent of the transmitter protects the data and writes them as waves, while the intelligent agent of the receiver replaces the data in the original text for reading before saving them if required.

These intelligent agents are not likely to be corrupted or attacked because they are not located in the mobile medium or in the computer.

SST© also protects the content of telephone conversations in the same way.

SST© has been implemented into SSP©, Secure System of Payment, so using SSP© to make a payment from a Mobile phone is totally secure. SSP© is an innovation in the back-end infrastructure of the mobile payment. SSP© is another product of PT SYDECO.